Managing an active Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace integration

This article explains how you manage an active Azure/Workspace integration that has discovered new users or Services.


Using the Azure/Workspace integrations are one way to discover and proactively address shadow IT and support your colleagues with the digital tools they need to be successful in their job.

Once the integration with Azure/Workspace is activated, you can get notified in Substly:

  • when there are new Users in your domain.
  • when an employee uses SSO to log into an application that is not in your Substly account.


New users and services that are discovered by the integration

On the main menu, a badge appears when a new user or service has been discovered.

The number in the badges shows how many new users or services have been discovered by the integration(s). Access the integration and decide if you want to sync or ignore the users or services to your Substly account.

Handling Users that have been discovered by the integration

  1. To access the data from the integration and decide if you want to sync or ignore the users, navigate to the Services Users page.

  2. Click on the dropdown Users found.

  3. Choose Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace (you can use both the Azure and Workspace integration at the same time if you wish).

  4. Click on Re-run sync to manage users and services.
  5. Choose which Users you want to Sync by marking the checkboxes on the left-hand side. As you mark the checkboxes the status gets updated from Not Synced to To be synced. You can mark them one at a time or mark them in Bulk by clicking on the checkbox at the top of the list.

    Tip! Filter the view on Organisational Units and/or Status to make bulk adding your users easier.

  6. Filter out users by Ignoring them. Ignoring users shortens the list for you the next time you go through it and the ignored users get filtered out from the numbered badge in the main menu. Click Ignore on the right-hand side to ignore one user at a time, or click Ignore xx users to the left to ignore all marked users at once. 

    Tip! As you ignore users they get filtered out from the default view. If you want to see them again or Unignore them, simply change the filters in the middle of the screen.

  7. Once you have ignored and marked all the users you want to sync, click Next.

  8. Choosing which Services to sync and ignore works the same way as syncing/ignoring users explained above. After marking the services you want to sync, click Next
    Tip! You can always go back to this page again and change which services you want to sync.
    Choosing which Services to sync-1

  9. Preview and confirm your choices to start the sync. Done!


Tip! We would like to encourage you to sync/ignore all users and services since that makes the badge in the main menu disappear. That way, when it pops up again you know there are new users or services to address.

Automatic updates every 15 minutes

An activated Microsoft Azure & Google Workspace integration automatically syncs every 15 minutes. If you have done changes in your Azure or Workspace account and want the changes to be reflected in your Substly account immediately, you can navigate to the integrations page, and click Re-run sync.