Tracking URLs

This text highlights the benefits of using Tracking URLs to obtain insights into SaaS service usage while emphasizing the importance of privacy and the need to verify Tracking URLs to prevent misuse.

The Substly Extension allows you to track SaaS usage across your organization.

"Tracking URLs" are the URLs from which the Substly Extension picks up usage data. Via the Tracking URLs, you obtain valuable insights into the usage of SaaS services. It allows you to see:

  • Unused licenses
  • Unsanctioned usage
  • Last activity date
  • During how many days the last six months a person has used a SaaS tool

 Usage information

Custom URLs

Tracking URLs are in most cases provided automatically but in some cases you might want to manually add or adjust which URLs get tracked for certain services. This can apply to services where you have a company-specific subdomain that you want to track or if you have developed internal services that you want to track usage for. 

Adding custom URLs

  • Navigate to the service you want to add a custom URL for.
  • Click Managed Services on the top right corner, and choose Tracking URL.
  • In the Tracking URL Modal that pops up, click Request Custom URL tracking and write/paste the URL/URLs you want Substly to track.


Once submitted, our team will review and approve or reject the requested URL, which may take up to 24 hours.

To avoid misuse of this feature, all requested custom URLs are reviewed by Substly before tracking is initiated. 

Note! To add custom URLs, you must first activate the Substly extension in your Substly account. This is done on the Substly Extension page found on the main menu.

Subdomains tracking

If you have a subdomain for a service and want to limit what is tracked for that service to your subdomain, you can request a custom URL to be tracked by following the above steps and add your subdomain URL

Internally developed services

As long as an internally developed service is accessed via a web browser, Substly can track its usage.

Create a new service from the Services page and follow the above steps to add a custom URL.

The extension detects no or inaccurate data

We constantly work on adding new tracking URLs and optimizing existing ones as URLs structures change over time.

If you come across a service that shows no or inaccurate usage information, you can request a custom tracking URL by following the steps above and entering the correct URL.