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Set a recurring alert

  1. On the Main menu, click on “Services” to access the Service page.
  2. On the Services page, click on the - icon for the service you want to set an alert (you can also access the alert page by clicking on the Alerts tab on the Single Service page of that service).
  3. Choose to set a recurring alert.
  4. Choose how many days or weeks before the renewal or expiry date the alert should be sent to the owner.
  5. Add a note to help you or your colleagues remember what the alert is about (optional). The note is included in the email that is sent. 
  6. Click the -button to activate the alert.

After you have added an alert to a service/plan the icon on the Services page gets changed to .

Note! Recurring alerts can only be set after you have added spend details with the payment types “Subscription” and “Pay-per-use” to a service.