Import Adjustments

The "Import Adjustments" is will open automatically after importing any payment history in Substly, that's where you modify what to import.

There are two tabs; matched and unmatched transactions.

Matched transactions
The services under "Matched transactions" are the ones that will be imported. You can remove any service from there by clicking the trashcan to the right, the transactions for that service will then be moved to the "Unmatched transactions" tab.

Unmatched transactions
You can easily add more services to import from the "Unmatched transactions" tab. That's where you can find all the payments that haven't been matched with a service.

To add a service,
  1. Click the "Add" button on one of the transactions.
  2. There is a search box where you can search for the service name. Select the service if it's found in the search, otherwise, simply click "Create new" and what you have written will be added as the Service name.
  3. Substly will recognize all payments containing that same description and match them with this service too. You can also strip the description text field if needed to match several transactions with a service at once.
  4. The added services and the transactions that matched with it will be moved to "Matched transaction". 

Confirm the import when you are done! 

The import adjustments page can be found again under the "Data imports" tab from the Services page.