Yearly spend

Service - Estimated spend over 12 months based on the spend details for the service. 

User - Estimated spend over 12 months based on the spend details for the services connected to the user.


Shows with what frequency a service or plan renews.

Total spend

Service - Total estimated spend since the starting date of a service in Substly.

User - Total estimated spend since a user was added to Substly.


Free or paid digital services being used throughout your company. The majority of the services being added to Substly are SaaS (Software as a Service) services, (e.g Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-suite) but could be any type of service your company pay for on a regular basis (e.g company cars or rent).


You can be charged for a service in different ways. The details about how you're charged we call a 'plan'. Sometimes you'll have more than one plan for a service, e.g. you might have 2 users on a Basic plan at $10/month and 5 users on a Professional plan at $100/year.


The “Owner” are people in your company that are responsible for a plan.

A user can be the owner of more than one plan for each service.


The subscription type applies when you pay a recurring price at regular intervals for access to a product or service, e.g. $10/month. Most common are intervals of one month or one year.


Pay-per-use, or metered services, is any type of payment structure in which you have access to potentially unlimited resources but only pay for what you actually use, e.g. $5 per Gb of data. 


Lifetime, or one-time, payment models applies when you pay once to get access to a service and then it is yours to use for as long as you like. Like buying a physical product such as a shirt or a TV.


Applies to services you are not paying for. Keeping track of your free services doesn’t save you money but it does help you to prevent unwanted access to your company’s data.

Auto renew

Whether or not a service auto renews or not at the end of a payment period.

“On”= the service automatically renews until you remove it from Substly.

“Off” = the service expires and you have to take action for it to be renewed in Substly.

Recurring Alert

Set an alert to get notified before a renewal or expiry comes up. Recurring alerts can only be set after spend details with the payment types “Subscription” or “Pay-per-use” has been added.

One-time Alert

Set an alert for a specific date to get notified about a service. One-time alerts can be set for all services that have been added to Substly.

Renewal date

The date for which a new payment period starts for one of your services or plans.

Expiry date

Some services doesn’t auto renew automatically. Instead you have to take action for the service to be renewed (normally by paying for another period of use). The expiry date is the date when such a service or plan expires.  


A user is a person that has been added to Substly. It could be an employee, consultant, intern or anyone else that have access to any of your company’s services. Add users to Substly to help you manage their access to services being used across your company. Users don’t have access to Substly.


An Administrator gets access to Substly and can add, edit and remove services, users and spend information.

System Owner

The System Owner is the primary owner of your company’s Substly account and has access to all the features in Substly. There is only one System Owner.