Connect to your bank

Substly has integrations with banks in 11 countries that enable an automatic import of your services and subscription costs.

It's super easy to connect Substly to your bank. You simply log in to your bank via Klarnas secure Open Banking widget and choose the account to connect. Your transactions from up to 1 year back (this varies depending on your bank) will be imported to Substly, this is the only data that is collected. We have more than 4.000 services and subscription providers in our database, these will be matched against the text field from your transaction list. The matched transactions will be imported straight to your Substly page, the rest will be ignored. 

How to do it

  1. Go to the Services tab and click "Add Services"
  2. Some countries have all banks as separate alternatives, and others only have the "Import Bank Transactions" option where you choose your bank inside the widget instead
  3. Proceed with your authentication
  4. Choose the account you wish to connect
  5. Now you will be able to make some import adjustments before you confirm. The changes you make will be remembered by Substly for upcoming imports. 

All done!

Here's a quick video of what it looks like: This video is from Dec 1, 2020, and the interface has changed slightly since then. 

What happens next?

All the identified subscriptions and costs will be added and sorted automatically. As soon as you have connected to your bank, there will be plenty of statistics and interesting information on your dashboard.

You will receive a notification in the top right corner, where you'll see how many subscriptions we found and the total amount. There is also a "See Details"-button where you can review all the subscriptions we found, all matched transactions, and the estimated recurring costs. 

The estimated recurring costs, or "Spend details", will be added automatically if there are at least three payments during the last three months. Substly will simply estimate an average amount derived from the last three months. If we can't make an estimate, simply click the "Add details" button and add the costs manually, all transactions will be presented to you when you're there. 

Here is a quick video for adding costs: