How do I connect Fortnox to Substly

Learn how to collect the API key needed for adding the Fortnox integration to Substly

Note: The Fortnox integration is brand new and only available on request, let us know if you want to try it out!

Collect API-key and enter it in Fortnox app (Swedish interface)

  1. Generate and collect the API key from your Fortnox account.
    Start by locating "Administrera användare", under the user name or ID, in your Fortnox account.

  2. In Administrera användare, click on the "Lägg till integration" button.

  3. This will bring up a "Ny integration" modal

  4. Search for Substly's secret integration ID 3eyoStH879ar and click on Substly AB 

  5. Approve the integration by clicking Godkänn.
  6. This will bring up the API key. Copy the key and paste it into Substly.

Adding the API Keys in Substly

1. Go to your Substly account, to the Services page, and click on the "Add Services" button.

2. Click on the Fortnox option 

3. Paste your API keys in the API Keys text field and proceed.

4. Adjust your import before approving, look through both the matched and unmatched tabs to make sure that your import looks ok!

5. Congratulations! Your integration is complete and you should have plenty of data on the statistics page.