Add services to Substly automatically

By analyzing payment history, Substly can identify which services you pay for, how much they cost, and when they renew.

For Substly to analyze your spend data, import a payment history file in any column-based format (excel, csv, txt, and more).

Exporting the data

The data source can be your bank, cardholder, bookkeeping system, or anywhere you can find your payment history. The columns that are required are description, amount, and payment date.

Banks usually offer file exports from their internet services, most commonly found on the transaction history page.

When you export data, ideally choose a 12-month date range so Substly can discover services that renew annually. 

If the subscription-based services you use in your company get charged on multiple bank accounts or credit cards you can upload separate files for each one.

Importing the data

To import your file, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Go to the "Services" menu option in Substly and click "Add services", select "Import bank transactions" and click to choose your file.
  2. On the next page, help Substly identify the three key columns (Description, amount, and costs), simply select the dropdown above those columns and choose one of the options.
  3. The next page is called Import Adjustments, that's where you choose what to actually import. There are two tabs, matched and unmatched transactions, the ones under "Matched" will be imported, you can easily add more services to import from the "Unmatched transactions" tab.
Done! Substly will remember all your changes and will recognize the services you added for the future imports too.